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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Girls Best Selling Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the time around to have some real fun. Halloween is a yearly celebration observed in number of countries on 31 October dedicated to remembering the dead. Trick or treat is the practice for kids where children in costumes travel from house to house asking treats or candy.  Other activities include carving pumpkins, lighting bonfires and most importantly costume parties. Looking for a costume that your girl will love? Then look nowhere else than here! Lovely Halloween costumes for your sweet princess are waiting for you!! I have assembled some best costumes for all pretty girls! 

                                           Includes: Dress, Cape. Does not include stockings or shoes.

Includes dress with attached tail and hoodie with attached paws and attached ears.
Does not include tights or shoes.

                                             Includes (1) Child Green Mini Hula Skirt.

Includes Dress with attached apron and cap with attached yarn hair (braids). Available
in child sizes Toddler (2-4) and Small (4-6). Stockings and Shoes not included. This is
a Yarn Babies costume.

                                       Includes shirt, skirt, vest, bandana and hat.

Includes: Robe. Shirt, tie, pants and shoes not included. This is an officially
licensed Harry Potter ™ costume.

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Red Minnie Mouse Child / Tween Costume

This costume includes a dress, character headband and detachable tail. Does not include
shoes. This is an officially licensed Disney costume.

Here I listed some best Halloween costumes for girls, which are age-apt, cute as well as spectacular! Being a fashion advisor and sharing costumes I love, it would be great if I can help! Stay tune for more costume ideas!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Popular Fancy Dress Party Theme Ideas

Halloween equals to fancy dresses and costumes. Everyone wears costumes of different styles and themes. Dressing up as ninja, captain America, cat girl or katyperry is really fun not just for kids but also for the parents. Adults also enjoy being someone else for that one day by wearing fancy dresses. Having trouble finding the most amazing fancy costumes for your parties? We are here to lend you the helping hand. Below are few most popular Fancy dresses that can be worn this Halloween. The unique style of these made them very popular for Halloween.

Includes: Sequin-trimmed dress with zebra accents, matching Capri leggings, fingerless gloves and a bow headband. Does not include shoes or jewelry.

This costume includes a character printed dress. Does not include wig, hat or shoes. This is an officially licensed The Smufs costume.

      Includes: Dress. Does not include shoes. This is an officially licensed © Disney costume.

Includes: EVA printed jumpsuit and fabric mask. Does not include shield or shoes. This is an officially licensed Marvel costume.

                                                Includes Vest, Shirt, Pants, Hood and Armor

      Includes dress, leggings, one glovelette, and belt. Does not include jewelry, sunglasses, or shoes

You can never go wrong wearing something that is popular. This is your safest option in costumes. 

Saturday, 31 May 2014

1st Birthday Party Ideas

Not every year your child turns one. Its a special day not just for the child but also for the parents. It is the celebration of completion of one year of joy and happiness that came into their life. Shopping and decorating for the firstbirthday is one of the most memorable time of parents life. The toughest part in celebrating this day is selecting upon the theme. There are so man themes that can make you crazy with confusion. To help you out here are few selected themes and party supplies that you can use. Don’t forget to purchase everything from decorations to tableware to costumes everything in accordance to the theme. I’m sure you don’t want your party to look like hay way in terms of decorations.
Make this day a memory that you and your child would cherish for life time. Make sure that when your child remembers or looks at old picture of this day, brings a priceless precious smile on their sweet faces.
Wishing your little princess or darling princess A very Happy Birthday!


Pink Poodle Infant / Toddler Costume 

 Includes body, hood, armbands, anklets.

Born to be Wild Infant/Toddler Costume

This costume includes jumpsuit and printed do-rag cap. Does not include shoes.

Lil' Penguin Elite Collection Infant / Toddler Costume

Includes: Lined zippered bodysuit with bow tie, attached tail, booties and hood with top hat.

Sesame Street - Cookie Monster Infant / Toddler Costume

Includes a jumpsuit with character hood. Socks not included. This is an officially licensed Sesame Street costume.

Mischievous Monkey Infant / Toddler Costume

Includes jumpsuit with hood.

Little Lamb Infant / Toddler Costume

 Includes jumpsuit with feet and hood.

Baby Parrot Infant Costume

Includes romper and headpiece.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Costume Outlet Denmark Extends Huge Collection Of Costumes At Market Leading Prices

Costume Outlet Denmark serve the nation's needs for fancy dress and festival wear, providing comprehensive collections for adults and children. They have recently extended their range even further.

Everyone loves to get dressed up once in a while, and fortunately for the people of Denmark there are several occasions throughout the calendar that call for costume parties of all kinds. Hiring costumes can be expensive however and more often it can be a lot of hard work trying to craft one by hand from reclaimed material. Fortunately, Costume Outlet Denmark (the outlets name in Danish is Kostumer og Udklaedning) provides a cost effective solution, by offering wholesale prices on costume rentals from their extensive collection for holidays, parties and more. They have recently extended their range of costumes for the rest of 2104.

The store has everything from Pixar costumes for kids to Halloween costumes for adults, and offers a comprehensive catalogue replete with high quality imagery, clear pricing and easy sizing and payment options so individuals can find and secure the costume of their dreams in time for their big day.

The site also has regular special offers, and is currently offering up to fifteen percent off costumes from last year's collection. All but the newest premium costumes are available at unbeatable prices, and are still current enough to incite endless pop culture references and get the conversation started.

Kostumer og Udklaedning is continually expanding, and will only take the highest quality costumes into their collection to be distributed to their customers, assuring them they will always be the best dressed for the occasion.

A spokesperson for Kostumer og Udklaedning explained, "We stock everything from traditional costume for the Tyrolean feast day to the latest Hollywood superheroes for birthday parties and spooky ghosts, vampires and zombies for Halloween. We even have Pixar characters, fairies and pirates for kids. All the costumes we provide are created to the highest standards and feel premium when worn, helping people feel special on special occasions. Because we have great quality costumes available for hire, people needn't spend hours hand-crafting sub-par creations and can instead simply enjoy the party."

About Kostumer og Udklaedning:
Kostumer og Udklaedning has the largest and best selection in costumes and disguises of all kinds. Whether for Halloween, the Tyrolean feast day, the last day of school or Shrove Tuesday. Kostumer og Udklaedning has the costume to suit all needs. Not only can their super selection of fancy dress serve all men, women and children's costume needs but these are provided at the best prices.
For more information about us, please visit


Costume contest for local movie opening - Children's Costume

SAFFORD — Sapphire Cineplex is giving everyone a chance to get an early jump on the upcoming comic convention season.

In conjunction with the opening of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” April 4, Sapphire Cineplex is holding a children’s coloring contest and an all-ages costume contest.

The Captain America costume contest will be broken into four age categories: 0-5, 5-11, 12-18 and 18 and over. First place will be awarded for each age group, and an overall grand champion will also be selected.

Winner in each division will receive two movie passes.

Registration will take place at 4:45 p.m. on April 4, with judging to begin at 5:15 p.m.

Participants must be able to provide a valid birth certificate or identification card to be assigned to the proper age group. The costume must be “Captain America,” vintage or new, and participants must agree to be photographed and those images used by Sapphire Cineplex for future advertisements and promotions.

The coloring contest is for children ages 3 through 13, and coloring forms are currently available at the box office during business hours.
Coloring forms are due back to the theater by Wednesday, April 2. There are three categories: ages 3-6, 7-9 and 10-13. Coloring forms submitted will be judged by Friday, April 4, and one winner in each category will be chosen and notified by management of their prize, a complimentary combo tray.

A full list of rules is available at the Sapphire Cineplex box office.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Lebanon police gets Eddie Eagle costume

The Lebanon Police Department received a grant recently providing them the official Eddie Eagle mascot costume and program materials to teach the NRA’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program.

The Lebanon Police Department received a grant recently providing them the official Eddie Eagle mascot costume and program materials to teach the NRA’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program.

The Eddie Eagle costume and materials, which are designed for young children, will help them reinforce the program’s lifesaving message, “If you see a gun, Stop! Don’t touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult.”

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

10 Best Easter Egg Hunts for All Ages

Easter is right around the corner and it's time to plan an egg hunt that's memorable and tasty. Here are 10 creative ways to make finding those chocolate eggs or Easter baskets a bit more fun (and challenging) this year.

1. Follow That Bunny!

Create a bunny trail from that leads kids on a path from their bedroom door to an Easter basket. You can use a trail of candy, plastic eggs, or cut-out bunny footprints.

Tip: Wrapped candies work best to keep floors neat and clean. Place unwrapped treats in small bags or cupcake liners and beware of hungry pets who might want a snack.

2. The Egg-cellent Scavenger Hunt

Give each family member a list of several different types of items to hunt down: three pink eggs, a white chocolate bunny, a marshmallow chick, an egg filled with nickels, etc. When the list is completed, give a final clue that leads them to their Easter baskets. (Photo at right courtesy Flickr/nate steiner)

Tips: Hide everything that is on the list as well as a few extras in case some are too hard to find. For kids who can't read yet, use photos or drawings instead of a written list.

3. Dressing in Your Easter Best

Hide party hats, plastic bracelets, silly bunny noses, tutus, and capes along with a few treats like ring pops and candy necklaces. As kids find the items, they must put on the clothes and accessories. Photograph the absurd outfits on each family member (Fido, included) and then do an Easter costume parade around the house or backyard. (Photo courtesy of Istock/dosecreative)

Tips: Hang a sheet or tablecloth on a clothesline as a backdrop for your pictures. Everyone can take turns snapping photos of people standing in their funny costumes in front of the backdrop, like in a photo booth. 

4. Personalized Eggs

Older kids often grab all the treats because they are faster at finding eggs and small prizes. In this hunt, each person has to look for a specific color egg or a prize with their initial on it. Letter stickers from a crafts store are easy to stick on and make each egg unique. Not only does this equal out the distribution of candy and gifts but it allows you to give specific treats to kids based on their interests.

Tips: Have fun with what you put in the eggs. Small games, fortunes, pennies, photographs, and special notes are all great alternatives to jelly beans.

5. String Fling!

Use yarn, twine, or string to create a huge web throughout the house or in a specific room. Kids must follow the string from the starting point all the way to the end as it wraps around furniture, through doorways, and ultimately to the Easter basket.

Tips: Make sure you still have access to places like the kitchen and bathroom as it may take some time to get to the end of the string depending on how long you make it. It is best to construct the web the night before so it is ready to go in the morning, as it does take a fair amount of time to create.

6. The Bunny Treasure Map

In this hunt, the Easter Bunny has left a map to the prizes but the kids will have to put together all of the pieces to find the hiding spot. Draw a map or write a clue on colored card stock or a pre-cut blank puzzle. One side should be brightly colored and the map should be drawn on the back. Cut the map in pieces and hide it around the house. When all the pieces are found, kids must try to assemble the map that will lead them to their Easter basket treat.

Tips: Count how many pieces you have so you'll know when it is time for the kids to start assembling the puzzle. You can also number each piece so kids know how many pieces they are trying to find.

7. Alphabet Eggs

Let the egg hunters work together to find alphabet eggs. Create a designated area where the alphabet lettered-eggs will be gathered and when all 26 letters are found, kids must line up the letters in the order of the alphabet to redeem their Easter baskets. This is a great hunt for kids learning the alphabet and fun for older siblings, too.

Tips: Use a permanent marker to write on plastic eggs or purchase alphabet stickers. Write fun alphabet phrases on the eggs like "B is for Bunny."

8. The Classic Easter Egg Hunt

If spring has sprung in your area, hosting a good, old-fashioned Easter egg hunt outside keeps all the mess out of your home. Plastic eggs and packaged treats can hide in bushes, fences, trees, and even on low roof lines.

Tips: Hide the eggs before the kids wake up and not the night before as animals may try to eat the treats (including the family dog). Put some prizes in unexpected places that require a ladder to keep little ones in awe of the hopping powers of the Easter Bunny. (Photo courtesy of Flickr/visit hillsborough)

9. Cookie Chase

The hunt is on for cookies of all shapes and sizes. Decorate Easter-themed cookies in advance and place each in a cellophane bag and tie with ribbon. If baking isn't your thing, buy store-bought treats, package them individually, and hide them around the house. When the kids find all their cookies, bring out the milk and enjoy a new tradition: An annual cookie breakfast.

Tips: Starting this cookie tradition can be a great solution for kids with food allergies because you can control the ingredients in the cookies you make. You can also hide undecorated cookies and then have a cookie decorating party as a special breakfast.

10. The Bunny Left Clues!

Let clues from the Easter Bunny lead kids from one egg to the next. Each clue will get them closer to the hiding place where the bunny left their basket. Simply cut strips of paper, write clues, and put one in each egg.

Tip: Make clues age appropriate so they aren't too difficult to figure out. Number the clues or eggs to keep kids on track, as they may want to open clues out of order. (All photos courtesy of Alexis Givens unless otherwise noted)